I Tuoi Occhi

Posted: May 19, 2013 in En Verso, Poesía, Poetry, Prose
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To look in your eyes,

your face; your smile.

Your beautiful complexities,

your distance; so near.

We journey alone,

take my hand…

let us lose ourselves together.

Passo da Passo

Posted: August 31, 2012 in Poetry
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As I take your hands in mine,

your eyes disrobe before me.

Becoming naked pools of emotion, meant only for me to see.

Oh! Precious woman,

delicate flower who brings beauty into my life.

Through them you bare all.

Your heart, your soul,

every rise, every fall.

A release of my hand,

now on your cheek to console.

I notice your smile, so tender…

in your eyes.

I lean forward to kiss them,

to nurture it, protecting it from demise.

You have me with you, for you are within me…

look into my eyes,

and where you reside you’ll see.

La Bella

Posted: August 21, 2012 in Prose

Your eyes, they speak…

while your lips remain silent

Your hair,

the way it so elegantly drapes over your shoulder

enveloping it…

calls out

Your smile, it betrays your thoughts

your desires…

your intentions


you speak…

I answer your eyes

I indulge your hair

I satisfy your desires…

feel your intentions

I am taken by your exquisiteness,

succumbing to it.

Conocido Todo

Posted: July 18, 2011 in En Verso, Poesía
Lo que siento es algo diferente
pero a la vez, tan conocido.

Las veces que te he sentido, que ha llegado...
que creo que te he tocado.

Te he devorado con tanto fervor
que aparentemente a sido mi error.

Cada vez el momento...la persona, diferente...
pero ala vez te siento, tan conocida, tan presente.

No veo, no oigo...soy ciego, soy sordo.
Me llevo por el momento,
me controla el atrevimiento.

Conozco bien el camino...
siento el resvalo de lodo,
la caida en un hoyo...

conocido todo.

Good Morning Lover

Posted: June 24, 2011 in Erotic, Prose

Would you mind if while you slept

I ran my fingers through your hair?

If they paused to caress your neck

Your shoulders;

en route to your breasts?


To caress them, not with whole hand;

but fingertips moving about.

As if lost, discovering;

feeling for their way.


Would you mind if I awake you;

feeling if you’re ready for me?

My fingers say you are.

So warm, so wet;

so inviting.


They retreat;

they wrap around me;

they guide me;

into you.

I no longer need to ask the question.


I erupt inside you;

your orgasmic moan replies.


Good Morning Lover.


Posted: June 16, 2011 in Thoughts

I don’t ask you to trust me,

I want you to observe; intently.

Cover your ears and listen,

Close your eyes and watch.

Don’t ask me to trust you,

For if I was beginning to; I no longer do.

Let me hear you; how you talk to me.

Let me watch you; as you walk without me.

You feel my gaze; you know I’m smiling.

I’ll never ask you to trust me.

Finally up ..

Posted: June 13, 2011 in Introduction

After much coaxing from friends and acquaintances involved with the arts; other poets, writers, musicians, actors and artists .. it’s finally up. To share with the world my thoughts and feelings, my vibe .. not to keep it for a few, but to give it to many. Here you’ll get a rare look into me ..what makes me tick – how I see the world. Highs and lows, good and bad .. never prudish, sometimes erotic .. always on it. How past experiences have shaped the now .. not the future – that’s being created as I write – as you read .. as you share your feelings, describing the vibe felt while reading my posts. As of now I don’t find it necessary to fill in the “about me” section with more than what’s there.. my words here, will do the rest. Maybe after a few posts, you can fill it in for me. Welcome, and enjoy the ride.